Data Quality Control The two most common data challenges an organization faces when implementing a new ERP system is replacing legacy data and consolidating separate solutions. First, the business should decide on what type of data needs to be collected for operations and business processes. The second step is to have the business clear any inaccurate or duplicate data sets in the previous system. Make sure you have someone, whether it be a vendor or
If you are a first time experience one just looking for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, there are five challenges organizations face when implementing an ERP for the first time. Identifying these challenges can help with the planning stages, ensuring all possible issues are addressed before the ERP implementation project.   Choose The Right One The 1st challenge is actually selecting the right software that is suited to your specific business needs. When it

Difference between ERP and POS

Posted on January 17, 2020
Category: ERP, POS
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system refers to an all-in-one business management solution complete with features for inventory management, order entry and processing, accounting, warehouse management, contact management, purchasing, sales and financials, and more… Binding individual yet dependent departments together, ERP ensures a smooth flow of informational data between them. By gathering a company’s shared transactional data from multiple departments, ERP systems prevent data duplication and offer data integrity with a single version of the truth.

Why You Need a POS System in a Restaurant at Singapore

Posted on January 14, 2020
Category: POS
Improving service The success and profitability of restaurants depend upon ease and accuracy of services. The intuitive touch screen eases the process of placing the order. And, as soon as the order is placed, it is sent directly to the kitchen. This helps kitchen managers to promptly and accurately take the orders. Customer experience POS system will automate any transaction record day by day. That’s why you can improve your staff’s skills on how to

Security in Multiable M18 ERP & HCM (2)

Posted on January 10, 2020
Category: ERP, HCM
In my previous article, I shared that for an IT administrator or finance users of an ERP system, security is often one of the areas that are overlooked and this is often very risky which will cause the organisations to dysfunction. Security protection all the way down to the database level is of paramount importance. Today, let’s us look at how Multiable M18 ERP & HCM system deal with role security and even field level

Security in Multiable M18 ERP & HCM (1)

Posted on January 6, 2020
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These days IT security is of paramount and has been a hot topic. You will often heard that ABC company has been hacked and their customers’ data have been leaked online. This is very damaging to the company’s reputation and will be sued under the GDPR or PDPA regulations by the relevant authorities. Multiable M18 ERP & HCM Systems is cloud-native backend ERP systems that runs on cloud environment. Being an cloud application, naturally, it

Kanban in M18 ERP & HCM Systems (3)

Posted on December 27, 2019
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As an ERP users probably in the warehouse, your task are to ensure that goods that needed to be shipped or going to be shipped are closely monitored especially to VVIP customers. Instead of running a static report every now and then, you will need to have a real-time information of the status and probably to update the status manually in a graphically way with ease. At this stage, you should be able to tell me

Kanban in M18 ERP & HCM Systems (2)

Posted on December 19, 2019
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I had briefly introduce what Kanban is in our Multiable M18 ERP & HCM Systems. As an ERP system’s users, if once of your weekly or monthly task is to update a bunch of data in the system, how do you do it? If it is just one or two fields that you need to update, I believe most users will export the data into excel, amend the data and then upload it back to

Kanban in M18 ERP & HCM Systems (1)

Posted on December 12, 2019
Category: ERP, HCM
For many manufacturing users of ERP system, Kanban is probably a familiar name or term that you often heard of for lean manufacturing or Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing. In fact, this scheduling system used in manufacturing was invested by a Toyota engineer in the 1940s. Kanban in fact is the name of the Toyota Nameplate System. So what is Kanban in Multiable M18 ERP & HCM System? It is not related to the Kanban manufacturing but

Users’ Query in M18 (3)

Posted on December 9, 2019
Category: ERP, HCM
We had shared several useful functionalities or tricks that improves productivity and that is usually one of the main reasons why companies are looking to upgrade or even changing their backend ERP system. Fundamentally, the backend ERP system must be a system that allows flexibility for the users to capture data or information without spending additional time and money and once all these are captured, it must be flexible enough to allow users to extract

Users’ Query in M18 (2)

Posted on October 29, 2019
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Previously in M18 HCM & ERP system, we mentioned about the user’s customisable lookup query that you can run as shortcut in order to improve productivity on the left panel in any of the data modules. Today, let’s me share with you that in fact, during data entry, as long as the field enter is from the lookup, we can even further customise the lookup information according to the users’ needs. For instance, in the

Users’ Query in M18 (1)

Posted on October 21, 2019
Category: ERP, HCM
As we had seen in the previous Multiable M18 HCM & ERP system, it is a very robust and flexible system that allows users to create/ edit/ rearranging the fields in any of the data modules. Besides just adding fields, it even allows users to create their own data modules from scratch if there is a need to. All these can be easily achieved by its’ powerful graphical user interface without the need of a

What makes an ERP system modern? User Defined Field (2)

Posted on October 15, 2019
Category: ERP
We had briefly mentioned about the flexibility of a modern ERP system where it allows users to add/ edit any fields that in any of the data modules previously. Let’s us take a closer look at how it can be done. Imagine that you are working for a company as a sales head where your sales managers have to enter their sales order or sales contracts in the company’s ERP system.  However, there are a

What makes an ERP system modern? User Defined Field (1)

Posted on October 4, 2019
Category: ERP
How are modern ERP systems different from traditional one? It is probably one of the most common questions that you will be asking yourself when looking for a new ERP system. There are many articles in the internet but many simply telling you that traditional ERPs are generally housed on-premise using the company’s own servers and maintained by your own IT staffs and/or external IT company while modern ERPs are cloud ERP. Cloud ERP is