How ERP System benefits Pharmaceutical Distributors?

Posted on May 17, 2021
Category: ERP
Managing a pharmaceutical company is far from an effortless task, especially as it’s one of the most complex and highly regulated industries of today. We’ll take a closer look at how important is ERP system for pharmaceutical distributors. As with most other industries, pharmaceutical companies are also expected to continuously increase their productivity, streamline their operations and optimize their competitive advantages. However, it’s not effective to oversee and handle this all manually. Rather, modern pharma companies

MES and ERP Integration

Posted on May 10, 2021
Category: ERP
MES system is a set of production information management systems for the executive level of the manufacturing enterprise workshop. MES can provide companies with manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management, inventory management, quality management, human resource management, work center/equipment management, tooling management, procurement management, cost management, project kanban management, production Management modules such as process control, bottom-level data integration analysis, and upper-level data integration and decomposition, it creates a solid, reliable, comprehensive
Even before trying to find a good eCommerce solution provider, selecting the proper eCommerce platform for your store should be the first step. Imagine the loss of your time, if you start finding the solution provider, spend time and energy, and later realize that the vendor does not offer the right solution match you require for your business.  At the same time, there are occasions where merchants are confused and don’t have clear visibility as

4 Resons for Companies Replace QuickBooks with ERP

Posted on April 26, 2021
Category: ERP, O2O
1.Not industry-specific. QuickBooks was long considered a great tool for double-entry accounting, but it’s grown little beyond that. Further to that point, it has no industry-specific versions that might answer the requirements of a specific niche or space. At the same time, ERP solutions offer bespoke systems that answer directly to the needs of specific industries, like factories, fashion, or retail, with industry-specific feature sets. 2. Doesn’t scale well. QuickBooks isn’t a good solution for
Give employees real-time insights into inventory When you offer accurate and timely insights into inventory from anywhere and on any device, all of your employees benefit. Sales teams have instant insight into actual inventory, enabling them to answer questions quickly and set customer expectations. Manufacturing teams get visibility into raw materials, WIP and parts across the whole organization including multiple warehouses and shop floors. Front office employees can search for opportunities to reinforce customer relationships
Seamless Material and Inventory Management The material wastage at various levels of inventory negatively impacts business profitability. The pharma manufacturers getting to reduce the value required. Pharma ERP solution helps in controlling material wastage and monitoring inventory levels. It helps to understand the fabric required for the assembly, sets goals, makes targets for procurement and replenishment, and displays material management which helps in inventory level optimization that ultimately reduces the wastage to an extent. Document
1. Understand that your customers are your business. Of course, you value your customers. You prove that by tailoring your business approach to meet their needs.  A significant number of manufacturers polled (38%) revealed that their desire to improve customer experience is what drives them to invest in e-commerce solutions. The same customer-focused approach that enhances online shopping for consumers also improves the B2B customer experience. The research shows that Both B2C and B2B buyers value faster and

Is Your ERP Software Incomplete Without BI?

Posted on March 23, 2021
Category: ERP
Your ERP system is the backbone of your organization. It stores all your data, records the details of your operations, and automates your processes. It breaks down silos and streamlines communication and collaboration between departments. It allows the company to operate out of one central, unified database.   However, it may not have the power to translate your data into actionable insights on its own. While your ERP system can easily collect data and consolidate your information, it is a business
E-commerce for construction may not affect the immediate survival of your company, but going forward, it will be an important part of your strategy. Traditional business methods may be effective, but they will allow you to remain relevant only if other construction companies continue to use them too. Digitization is becoming more mainstream even in traditional industries, and customers realize that they have power and choices. They want fast and efficient service with transparency. You
Ecommerce—long recognized as a force for change within the world of consumer purchasing—is starting to spread its wings. After fundamentally changing how people research and consume, quadrupling in sales in 8 years (from $1T in 2012 to $4.1T in 2020), the accessibility, convenience, and personalization that Business-to-Consumer (B2C) ecommerce offers have changed buying behavior across the range. That behavior is now bleeding into the B2B buying process also. Is your business keeping up? Here are
An ERP is one of the best ways to facilitate compliance because it increases the visibility, security, and traceability of your data. Not only will it reduce the time spent on tasks that can be automated, but it means you can rely on your data when it comes to audits and proving compliance. We show you five simple ways that ERPs can help improve compliance by streamlining your processes as you scale and grow. You

The B2B e-commerce trends shaping 2021

Posted on February 17, 2021
Category: ERP
E-commerce adoption is now inevitable. By necessity, 2021 will supercharge the digital transformation process. Many companies are committed to implementing an e-commerce solution in 2021. For companies comparing e-commerce solutions, the decision will be made based on which solution is future-ready for 2021 and beyond. If you’ll use some help comparing e-commerce solutions, take a look at our e-commerce comparison guide. API-driven e-commerce takes off API is a computing interface that defines interactions between different software

Five Tips for Efficient ERP System Maintenance

Posted on February 8, 2021
Category: ERP, HCM
Implementing an ERP System is a big move for any organization. It includes more preparation, financial resources, and change management. For any substantial purchase that needs a a significant upfront investment, ongoing maintenance is critical to make sure the product’s sustainability for years to come. Some of the things that users can do to make sure that things are running smoothly. Periodically, there are issues that should be brought to the attention of a professional. Whenever something

Can Small and Medium Enterprises Afford to Miss ERP

Posted on February 1, 2021
Category: ERP
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the building blocks of the development of any country. While traditionally Small and Medium Enterprises have come into existence as cost optimisers for Big Enterprises, over the years they have become important partners in the progress of any Enterprise in view of some innate strengths by their very nature – better / faster breeders of Innovation/Productivity /creativity, faster response, lower cost / cycle time, better flexibility offered to end
It is not a cakewalk for eCommerce businesses to manage their daily operations on multiple platforms and applications. During this case, an integrated system is essential to connect the ERP, POS, eCommerce, sales channels, and other systems to make a centralized database.  This blog will help you understand what is integrated eCommerce and why it’s necessary for your business to flourish like never before.  The first question one may need is, what exactly is integrated eCommerce? An