erp system in singapore

No Code Approach

When business over the world is suffering from the rocketed salary of programmers, Multiable M18 ERP eases the pain of enterprises by doing more with less programmers.
From adding a table in existing UI, to building your own UI with custom logic from scratch, UDF Editor can help you finish your work with minimal coding (and you may find even one single line of code is not involved!!!)


ERP System in Singapore - Multiable

EBI (Enduser-driven Business Intelligence)

So-called report writer (or business intelligence) in the market usually requires knowledge in database schema, relational database, SQL…..etc.
A true user-friendly tool should not be like this.

M18 ERP comes with EBI which enable a clerical staff without database schema nor SQL concepts to develop their own reports from scratch in a minute.


ERP System in Singapore - Multiable

Custom Workflow

Not just unlimited level, approve and path of approval.
M18 ERP offers custom workflow engine which is rule-based, A.I. ready and protected by role-based security design.
Of course, most of your custom work will not involve program coding.


erp system in singapore


Behind the glamorous white papers of elephant ERP systems, there is always an expensive infrastructure.
World class system performance should not require pricey hardware.

Take a look on the facts of some of the performance test of Multiable M18:

Enterprise with 5,000+ invoices Everyday
Hardware environment

OS Linux (CentOS 7)
CPU 8 Core
Memory 32 GB
Encryption Transparent data encryption

Data volume in key tables

Number of Invoices ~ 10.5 millions
Number of payments ~420,000
Number of records in General Ledger table ~21+ millions


Process Report Result Time (Average)
Outstanding invoice report ~450,000 lines ~120 sec.
A/R aging analysis ~5,000 lines ~60 sec.
Monthly account ledger report ~150,000 lines ~180 sec.
Trial balance ~150 lines ~10 sec.
Income statement ~150 lines ~10 sec.

Enterprise with 60 active concurrent users

Hardware environment

OS Linux (CentOS 7)
CPU 8 Core
Memory 32 GB
Encryption Transparent data encryption

Data volume in key tables

Number of product ~600,000
Number of customers ~600,000
Number of sales order ~720,000
Number of delivery notes ~1.4 millions
Number of stock balance records ~8.2 millions


Process Report Result Time (Average)
Location stock level & valuation report ~360,000 lines ~24 sec.
Save a sales order N/A ~3.5 sec.
Save a sales invoice N/A ~3.5 sec.
Save a receipt N/A ~3.5 sec.


erp system in singapore

Artificial Intelligence

From choosing the most cost-effective combination of production jobs, finding cost impacts of a requirement change, to allocating the most reliable employee in a roster, M18 ERP enables business owners to perform optimized decisions which may cost hundreds or thousands times of resources in the past.


erp system in singapore

Custom Mobile App without Programmer

State-of-art backend configuration panel allows end-user define real-time reports and dashboard to be available in M18 ERP mobile app.
No mobile programmer involved!!!


erp system in singapore

Eco System

Innovation shall not have boundary. Multiable M18 ERP allows third party developer to integrate their plug-in and further enhance your efficiency.


erp system in singapore

Third Party Integration

No matter it is about customer service, courier tracking, progress monitoring or any other area of your business, there is always a room for you to improve.

Multiable M18 ERP not only allows RESTful API integration. M18 ERP offers more than that.

You now can customize your M18 ERP without comprise of the seamless integration. Your users will enjoy your derived work, but still feel like using a single application.


erp system in singapore


  • Data in transmission protected by SSL data encryption
  • Data at rest protected by TDE (Transparent Data Encryption); pre-requisite for PCI-DSS
  • Two factor authentication